Our Mission

To identify young people with professional aspirations, talents & determination and trigger them off to become ethics & values driven business leaders, by enlightening & enabling them to have right perspectives, and grooming them with knowledge, insights, skills, healthy habits and envisioning & intuitive abilities so that they act original with clear vision, conviction & confidence, being competent, and thus be an inspiration to others, besides charting their own success/purpose.





To infuse in them action orientation and the core values of hard-work, self discipline, sense of purpose, commitment, responsibility & accountability, thoroughness, partnership, camaraderie, co-operative striving, social & environmental concern and a spirit of community service, so that they, through enlightened ways & means, spread prosperity, peace, harmony and happiness around... and thus, create a cadre of inspiring, competent and powerful role models of action & change who, in turn, will empower and embolden others by being examples.